Scientific mediation

  • Pint of Science 🍺

    Volunteer for the organization of the edition 2024 of the festival Pint of Science: science popularization with several thematics on health, physics, new technologies. Taking place from May 13th to 15th, 2024. Contribution: search for speakers, bar to host the event, animation.

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  • L Codent, L Créent 👧

    The goal of this action is to promote computer science to young girls in middle-school (13-15 yo) through workshops of creative programming. Organisation of educational sessions in middle-schools (8 of 45min) and a final exhibition to expose the artworks.

    Action presented during the Femmes&Sciences colloquium in 2022.

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  • Semaine du cerveau (Brain week) 🧠

    Organization and preparation of a quizz about neuroimaging research (the jobs, image treatment, neuroimaging methods, findings about the brain, etc.). Presentation during the Semaine du cerveau 2022 at CHU Pontchaillou, Rennes and in 2024 at the bar La Nouba (project leader for this edition).

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  • TISSAGE project 🧶

    The TISSAGE project aims to bring together citizens, researchers and decision-makers to meet, know and understand each other to form a society and act together. This involves involving all stakeholders in all stages of science production in order to implement real participatory research. Preparation of a mediation for a restitution day: Quizz about Artificial intelligence and human intelligence.

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  • "Computing without computer" 🧩

    Animation of sessions of "Computing without computer" to promote computer science to general public and scholars. Sessions at "J'peux pas j'ai informatique" day for teachers in middle school and at College Pierre-Olivier Malherbe, Chateaubourg for 9th grade students (3ème).

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  • Big Day 2020 🧬

    Organization of the Big Day 2020 with the Master of Bioinformatics and Genomics of Rennes: day of conference about bioinformatics and data science. Leader of the communication team.

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  • Event and communication manager

    EBIGO (Etudiants en BioInformatique du Grand Ouest) | Rennes, France | 2020 - 2021

    ▮ In charge of the event and communication aspect of the association: organization of events, search for financial supports and partnership with local companies, etc.

    ▮ EBIGO is an association for students in Bioinformatics in Rennes that tries to link up between actual and previous students of the Master, create and support events related to the Master (such as the Big Day).

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  • Communication manager

    POEMES (Paris Ouest Etudiants en Médecine Solidaire) | Montigny le Btx, France | 2017 - 2018

    ▮ In charge of the communication aspect of the association: communication supports and tools, social networks, website...

    ▮ POEMES is an association that organize solidarity events such as Telethon, Sidaction, Handi'week and a solidarity gala in favour to an association (different every year).

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  • Humanitarian trip

    POEMES (Paris Ouest Etudiants en Médecine Solidaire) and Les enfants de Calcutta et du monde | Kolkata, India | 2017

    ▮ Humanitarian trip of 1 month in Kolkata, India with the association "Les enfants de Calcutta et du monde", co-organized with POEMES association.

    ▮ Restoration of an orphanage, painting, etc during the morning, activities with children during the afternoon (sensibilisation workshop about hygiene, medicine, etc).

    ▮ Upstream preparation of the trip: search for financial supports and partnerships, raising funds with gifts packaging in commercial centers, cakes and snacks sales stands, etc.

    ▮ In particular, in charge of the communications aspects of the trip (goodies, social networks, website, etc.)

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